About Purplest

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Purplest specializes in fully-customized and handcrafted wedding invitations, as well as capturing the memorable moments with wedding photography. Based in Montreal, Canada, they are formed by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo of Shierly Tjipto and Richard Pham.

Purplest started in early 2010, soon after Shierly + Richard's wedding. Having experienced firsthand with the year-long preparations leading up to their big day, their wedding was indeed the source of inspiration. They decided to embark on a new adventure and combine their knowledge and expertise to form this exciting company. Purplest's goal is to keep your guests in awe with its wedding invitations and to relive the wonderful moments with its wedding photography.

Shierly Tjipto

About Shierly Tjipto

Shierly Tjipto is a creative graphic designer and also happens to love handcraft projects. When she designed her own wedding invitation, she knew then and there that this is where she belongs. They say first impressions are important and your guests will certainly be wow'ed by her designs. From design to execution, each new wedding invitation presents the opportunity to push limits creatively and technically.

Richard Pham

About Richard Pham

Richard Pham is not only a photographer, but also happens to be a web/graphic designer. He is very passionate about photography and would bring his camera wherever he can. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is what Richard wants to capture. Every picture he takes has a story behind it; something you surely want to see every time you look at it.